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So I haven't really done any crafting at all lately. I've been feeling a little down, so I've mostly just been watching movies. Trying to stick to the comedies.

However now that things are looking up again, and I've got a new sewing machine I'm on the hunt for a good tutorial for a cute full apron! I keep finding really cute half aprons, but i want one with a bib. its for my little sister, she likes to paint and requested that i make her a few cute aprons to wear when she paints.

I think this is a fair request, she's a pretty awesome sister. Always helping me out, taking me in when I have no where else to go, cooking yummy food for me, always there for a chat/shopping trip. This girl needs some pretty aprons.

Anyone got any good tutorials for me?

also how cute is soko! i forgot i had these mp3s on my computer. I think my favourite is 'i think i'm pregnant'. a song about fat bellies. hehe
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