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birds birds everywhere!

i've given my sister her gift so i can write up a proper post about it now :D

bird pouch

so here's the zipper pouch i made my sister. i didn't measure it so i can't tell you the exact dimensions, but i used a 7" zipper and it comfortably fits jo's ds in it, and she doesn't have a ds lite either. she's got one of those big hulking old ones.

bird pouch inside

and inside you can see the polka dotted cotton lining. and of course, you can see the money this lovely pouch was designed to hold. the shopping trip was quite fun too.

i got some nice things, some new stockings, pink jeans, and a lovely pretty dress. i just need an occaision to wear it out now.

softie bird brooches

these are some little brooches i've made while watching tv. hand sewn, cut out from the scraps of the fabric from joanna's pouch. they're quite small and cute. i attached some safety pins on the back.

owl softie

and the final finished project of the owl softie that i started working on so long ago. i actually finished the owl about a month ago, its just taken me this long to get a decent photo. i've been working on my photos as well. i like how these two turned out with the scrapbooking paper behind them.