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another lazy sick day

so its been a rainy day, an unsuccessful trip to spotlight, feeling sick and tired (damn cold!) and not going to work instead keeping warm under my doona. hopefully this will mean i'm alright to go in tomorrow. because unlike a lot of people, i really like my job, its like getting paid to hang out with my friends. and also make food for strangers.

i finished stuffing my owl softie that was seen in the last post. except now i can't find my white thread, so the opening is just pinned together until i a. find it or b. buy a new spool. which is very possible. cos thats how i roll. i'm a very disorganized girl.

just so this isn't all text only, i thought i'd post a picture of a place i quite like. the laundromat.


i don't go here enough, mostly because its expensive. also because theres other things i'd rather be doing. however i enjoy sitting in the laundromat, crocheting socks or writing letters. its a nice relaxing time.

i like all the fliers on the notice board. which you can't see in this photo. all the posters advertising bands and plays and selling exercise videos and brazilian bikinis and silly things like that.

i probably should be going to bed early since i'm sick and all. but i'm a night owl, so i probably won't be in bed for at least another hour. i'll try.