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granny squares!

May 1st - Stack of Grannys

i've been grannying along. not exactly every day, as originally planned, but theres been a few days where i've made more than one square so i think it all evens out.

All of May 1st's squares.

i've been having fun mixing random colours.

granny squares

granny squares

granny squares

i'm not sure how many more are going to get made. i've caught a bit of a flu from the boyfriend. how nice of him to share. its made me a little brain dead. i'm even having trouble typing these few sentences, they keep not making sense to me. so off to watch buffy instead.

a list, a little about me.

On Wednesday I went to the stitches and craft show in Brisbane. I had a good time. I made some stuff, got a little bit of goodies. but more on that tomorrow when I can post some pictures (i always forget to charge my camera's batteries!)

So in an effort to update here more often, heres a list of things i'm enjoying right now.

Beverly Hills, 90210.

I've been a fan of this show ever since I was a kid. I wasn't allowed to watch the simpsons, i wasn't allowed to watch gladiators, BUT my mum used to let me watch 90210 with her. I eagerly await the release of each dvd boxset. I'm up to season 6.

Granny Squares! (and crochet in general).

This is something else that really reminds me of my mum. Every winter she'd make huge granny square blankets. She was the one who taught me how to crochet all the way back when i was a little kid. I've decided i'm going to try to make at least one granny square a day during may. hopefully then i'll be able to finish the blanket i started for my sister last year.

He Died with a Felafel in his Hand

On wednesday night Puckey and I went and saw our friend em play a dominatrix (among other roles!) in the Brisbane Arts Theatre's Productions of "He Died with a Felafel in his Hand". Very very funny. The only problem I had with it was the amount of drug use in the play. It made me feel uncomfortable. I knew going into the play that it did have quite a bit of drug use in it (theres a bong on stage for pretty much the entire performance), but I did not realise it would make me feel a bit icky. Maybe i'm a bit of a square, but i'm really not into that. sure it put down junkie's constantly, but there was no mention of pot use being seen as a bad thing.

i'm fairly anti-drugs. i think it is up to the individual to decide if they do want to use, however i prefer it not to be around me. that being said i am not putting down the play, i don't think people should not go see it just because i have a problem with drug use, i thought it was really quite funny (if you're reading em, don't take offense at all, you really were fabulous.... can i lick your fingers?), i've just recently had some major issues with people which was in part caused by their drug usage, and parts of the play reminded me of that.

It's only got too more performances to go, I've been told tickets are selling super quick (because its awesome of course) so if you're interested in seeing it you should give them a call at 3369 2344. tickets are only 25 dollars (or 20 for concession).

Hot Water Bottles!

its starting to get a little cold here at night in brisbane, as soon as the sun starts to go down, i'm feeling a bit of a chill. sure its not as cold as it is down south, but i'm a queensland girl, i like the warm. i'm the one complaining its cold when it gets under 20 degrees celcius. so i was pretty excited the other day while unpacking and i found my hot water bottle! last night my bed was so lovely and warm :D


so i don't like the cold so much, but i do like that its soup weather. for dinner tonight i wandered down to the closest thai restaurant and ordered myself some take away tom yum. it was delicious. i'm also having cravings for a chicken and corn soup (need to find a good chinese in the area that i can walk to) or even solyanka (its a delicious russian soup! theres a russian restaurant at cannon hill that puckey and i love to go to, their version has lots and lots of olives in it, i'm going to have to try and make some of my own i think!)

what have you been enjoying right now?

want to win a pretty brooch?

head on over to penelope sara's blog to win one of her super darling brooches.

DSC09470 copy

so pretty!
its true. they don't. i do enjoy a good chat with an old biddie. and they don't talk to me anymore, ever since i shaved my hair, they didn't seem to mind the coloured hair, but the shaved head? its a random conversation no no it seems.

i caught the bus into the city this morning. i was supposed to be meeting up with a friend for breakfast but that was cancelled at the last minute, so i headed into town to buy a birthday present for my sister, and some more yarn (didn't quite buy enough) for the socks i've been making.

socks you say! no i'm not knitting, i still can't really knit, just a knit stitch for me. i found a pattern for crocheted men's socks. my boyfriend requested socks, and as i enjoy making things for people, of course i said yes.


so far i've only made one. if anyone else gives this a try, i recommend grabbing 3 balls of the main colour instead of the 2 suggested in the pattern.

i've actually been working on a bit of stuff. its been 3 weeks since i've updated this blog, so this post will contain 3 weeks worth of stuff i suppose.

i finished the ripple blanket maybe two weeks ago now. i still haven't weaved all the ends in (yuck who really wants to do that), but its pretty much done. very warm and cuddly, nice for when i'm watching dvds.

Ripple blanket

on my bed so you have an idea of size.
and because i enjoyed the ripple so much, i started another one.

Ripple Blanket

i've also been working on a softie sometimes while watching tv. its an awkward bear. he's pretty long, its taking me quite awhile to stuff him.


and finally to end this post, some pretty things i bought today.

Stash of goodies.

orange and purple acrylic yarn from big w.
carrots! on cotton quilting fabric from lincraft. it was on special.
another ball of patens superwash for puckey's socks.
the new frankie magazine. i have a love/hate relationship with frankie. it annoys the crap out of me at times, but i also like parts of it quite a lot and havent found any other magazines that i like. at least its not telling me to be a slut like cosmo or cleo.

and on saturday puckey and i went for a drive out to toowoomba to go op shopping and i picked up a metre and a half of the lovely green floral cosy cotton for only 1.50! we later had a look at a rockabilly vintage store and they had more of it, about 4 metres and said it was from the 50s and they were charging 30 dollars for the lot. so i think i got a bargain. i don't think its actually from the 50s though, maybe just the print is.

anyways, its time for me to head off to work now! they gave me a promotion, i'm a team leader!
so i've been feeling like making pretty things, but i've had no ideas or motivation. its a strange place to be.

so mostly i've been doing a bit of window shopping on etsy.

here are some of my recent favourites:

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

well i need to get off the computer now i've got a birthday present to buy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SWEET NAYBUBBLE) and i'm heading out to dinner to celebrate the lovely girl's birth. then i'm going out for dinner tomorrow night too. two dinner dates in one weekend! how lovely.


its a little strange but my new unit didn't come with an oven. so last week puckey took me to myer, where i was able to use my gift card that i had recieved for xmas from my parents, and bought myself a nice little convection oven.

its quite lovely. puckey then proceeded to make me a roast for dinner! yum!

last night, i baked cupcakes. puckey bought me a cupcake recipe book for christmas, and as i wasn't doing anything else last night, i thought it was the perfect time to give baking in my new oven a go. i made myself some vanilla oreo cupcakes (i followed the vanilla recipe and then crushed up some oreos in the mix) with a vanilla buttercream icing.

i had a bit of trouble with the icing! it was a bit runny, the recipe said just to keep adding sugar but that really didn't do anything, so i refrigerated it and that seemed to fix it up.


those are my cupcakes. that i have absolutely no idea what they taste like! ha. but they look pretty cute i guess. kind of sloppy, but cute :D who doesn't love green icing?

i also had my hair shaved into a chelsea the other day for the worlds greatest shave.


so thats what my hair looks like now. i love it. it feels great and i can't stop touching the top of my head!

i'm supposed to be cleaning right now, so far i have cleaned the kitchen, tidied the living room, vacuumed the living room and the hallway. my kitty is hiding under my bed in fear. she doesn't like the vacuum cleaner at all, she hides when she seems me getting it out of the closet.

as you can see i'm procrastinating a little. back to it now i suppose. i need to give my room a good tidy!

awkward bears and embroidery.

cool trick of the weekend? i found an app for my mobile phone that turns it into a wireless router. pretty cool. its pretty limited where i can go on the internet, but livejournal, flickr and twitter work, so that works for me. facebook doesn't, but then i can do that on my phone already. :D

i really do need to get a nice internet connection though. its just one of those things i always say "oh yeah i'll do that" and never get around to it.

so i've been on holidays from work for the past week. i haven't done a whole lot. gone into the city a fair bit.

i've dabbled in embroidery a little. i bought a cheap hoop from lincraft, and have just been using an embroidery book from the 60s as my guide, and embroidering cute little things like this bunny.


yesterday my lovely boyfriend drove me all the way out to my favourite spotlight (its a bit of a pain to get their by public transport, and as i have no car, i don't get to go there often) were i picked up some stranded cottons and a little kit to play a bit more.

does anyone else feel really awkward in spotlight when they bring a man? i always feel like every idea of what i might have looked at disappears out of my head and i just feel the need to get out of there fast.


i've also been doing a little bit of hand sewing while watching tv. making these little bear critters. i actually made a pattern for them, yet they still turn out different! one i did lengthen on purpose, i guess i just stuffed them differently with the heads. i like that they look different though. someone on flickr commented that they look awkward. i find that rather appropriate.

well i think i'm going to go find myself some breakfast now. i'm rather tempted to walk down to one of the cafe's and treat myself to some pancakes. mmmmm maple syrup!

(edit. i have no idea if these images have loaded. the connection doesn't seem strong enough to let me know. so if they aren't there just imagine things until i get a chance to use proper internet and fix that one up hehe)

happy valentines day <3

so yesterday was valentines day? did you do anything special?

i don't really care much either way for the holiday, but i do like the cute crafting opportunities it presents. hearts and red and pink. since i'm not set up in my new sewing room yet (currently its the room full of boxes, i like to close the door and not see all the stuff i have to unpack) so i've only really been able to crochet.

i went to a 4-way birthday party last night. fun times. so i made all the birthday kids a little valentine each. two of them even wore their valentines around all night.

sweet little crochet hearts. these are the only two i have left. they are quick and easy to make, so i'll probably keep making more while i watch season 4 of 90210 (oh the 90s clothes, the slightly familiar storylines that make so much more sense now that i'm not 10). you can make your own too if you like, just check out bella dia's pattern.

i'm pretty sure i've blogged these hearts before. they are one of my favourite things to crochet. i've got a few little ideas of what to make with them once i have a huge pile. in all girly colours i think, pink, red, maybe a little bit of light purple. because we all know i just need to start another large project.


for what the 3rd time in 6 months? 2nd time in two months. oh i love moving (not)
anyways i found myself a lovely two bedroom unit with city views. all for me :D

i move in on tuesday, i can't wait, i get to have a sewing room and decorate how i like. i really can't wait to see my stash again, i've missed it so much. i just want to look at it and touch it. ha.

the only downside to my unit is that there might not be anywhere for me to hook up my washing machine, theres a laundromat 2 doors down, but i don't really want to be having to pay for washing all the time (especially how frequently i wash sometimes), hopefully i'll find a way.

everything is all set to go except for my internet. i've never set up my own internet before, its all rather confusing. but hopefully i'll have the internet by the end of next week, i think i'd go crazy living on my own without it.

oh i'm so excited about living on my own (well i won't be entirely on my own, i have my lizzy kitty)

on other news i am participating in the worlds greatest shave in march. i won't be shaving all of my hair off, but i'll be shaving most of it off. puckey's barber is going to shave my hair into a chelsea for me (leaving just the fringe and a little mullet bit). i figure its a hairstyle i've wanted to try for awhile now, so why not do it for a good cause? anyways if you like you can sponser me. just click on the link and donate. :D i'm not actually at zero. i've already raised $100, i'm just yet to deposit that money.

eee i'm so excited about my new place! i just can't believe i got somewhere on my own, with the cat approved and i didn't need a guarantor or anything. awesome :D

Vivien's Scarf

Last week I started working on a scarf for Vivien. She flew out to Japan yesterday, so since she has the scarf already, I can post pictures.

and me modelling the scarf.

its lovely and soft and warm, i made it from paton's soft haze which is an acrylic, wool and bamboo blend, 12ply. I made my stepmother a shawl for her birthday using the same yarn, its easy to work with.

I finished it off on monday afternoon, just before we went out to meet up with Viv and some people for drinks. I would have had it finished on Sunday night, but I lost my wool needle. whoops.

Hopefully it'll keep Viv warm while she's in Japan.

My parents were down last night and they took my sister, her boyfriend and I all out for dinner. We had wood fired pizza at a little local place called Pizzeria 1889. yummy stuff. I had a half and half of the meat pizza and the potato. next time i'm going all potato.

on another creative front my band is playing in sydney in a warehouse on saturday, so thats pretty exciting stuff too! i booked my flights last night, didn't cost much at all, i was expecting it to be a lot since its all been rather last minute.